Center cutting High-performance universal tools for almost all work piece materials Single tool for both roughing and finishing operations Unequal flute spacing reduces vibrations

Center cutting Excellent performance in finishing applications Capable of deep-slotting cuts for high Metal Removal Rates (MRR) High cobalt and vanadium content PM HSS providing superior wear resistance and red hardness High-temp alloys and titanium

Center cutting Capable of slotting depths up to 1 x D and side milling up to 1.5 x D axially at 0.5 x D radially Unequal flute spacing for chatter-free performance with 3-flute series Multiple corner radii and extended neck configurations available as standard

Center cutting Specific geometries targeted for steels, stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, and titanium Stub, regular, long, and extra long lengths for all applications Special designs with higher number of flutes and increased helix angles for super finishing applications Latest coating technology, including Victory grades

Center cutting 7-flute eccentric relief design provides edge strength along with high productivity Superior surface finishes and wall straightness capability from specialized core Finishing and semi-finishing at up to 30% of the diameter with one tool First choice for high-speed machining in difficult-to-cut work piece materials