Save time changing between countersink and screw bits with the quick-change Centrotec System Reduce fatigue with the lightweight Centrotec chuck and decrease drilling/driving clearance with the compact design Centrotec bits extend directly into the drill spindle so they serve as an extension of the motor, significantly improving controllability and torque Getting the job done right the first time…

Product features
  • Brand
    IVY Classic
  • Category
    Drill Bits
  • Manufacturer
    IVY Classic Industries, Inc.

Designed for plumbers and electricians to bore holes in wood to run pipe and conduit, Swift Bore (Registered Trademark) High-speed steel cutter designed for maximum cutting and chip removal Tapered rim with multiple teeth cuts clean, smooth holes Self-feed screw for faster drilling – Includes replacement screw and hex key Diameter: 2-9/16-inch, Length: 5-inch, Shank: 7/16-inch quick-change hex…