High-quality diamond file set designed for hard-to-reach & odd-shaped objects Ultra-hard industrial diamonds permanently embedded in steel shaft tip for superior material removal Use on extremely hard materials like hardened steel, carbide, titanium, stone, glass & tile Set of five 5-1/2″ files – hook, flat hook, square hook, circle and flat/convex angle Free & Fast Shipping

Durable tempered carbon steel has sharp file teeth notched into surface during manufacture Makes bits VERY efficient at removing excess material, carving, forming and reducing Cylinder rasp 1/2″ diameter x 1-3/8″; length overall 2-1/2″ 1/4″ shank fits all drill chucks, air & power die grinders & more; also in 1/8″ shank to fit Dremel Free & Fast Shipping

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    Ball-Peen Hammers
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    Grobet File Co. Of America, LLC..

Sold by the box quantity only. The Taper Saw file is a triangular, single cut file designed for filing a variety of saws with 60 degree angled teeth. Tapered toward a point, this file has cut edges for filing gullets between saw teeth. Taper saw files are available in a number of widths.regular, slim, extra slim and double extra slim. Single cut on all three sides. 5/16″ wide.

Flat file is used by machinists, machinery builders, ship and engine builders, repairmen and others who require rapid removal of metal It is rectangular in cross section and taper slightly towards the point in both width and thickness Double cut on both sides, single cut on both edges Comes in second cut type Available in Amarican pattern